Micro macrame hearts. Step-by-step guide. A lovely yet uncomplicated pattern for beginners.


To make these earrings you will need
(for single earring):

  • Ear wire
  • Ring 4 mm
  • Glass beads 3 x 2 mm (20 pieces)
  • Nylon threads 0.6 mm (7 x 70 cm)




  • Scissors, pins, thread burner / lighter, pad


Important tips:

  • Only one type of knot - the double half hitch knot
  • Knot-bearing cord, the main thread that is wrapped around
  • On the knot-bearing cord we make 2 loops with each successive thread
  • We always keep the knot-bearing cord taut
  • Threads must be knotted in the correct order
  • During the work, the heart will be attached with pins


For better illustration I used two colors: white and red.



The end result:



YouTube DIY tutorial: