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Are you ready to start your next micro macrame project but not sure which threads to use? The key is to ask yourself two important questions: what will be my project, and what experience do I have? To the question of where to buy it, I will give you a direct answer. The text contains affiliate links to stores on Etsy where you can purchase the threads I recommend. I'll also include links to videos where specific threads were used, so you can see them in action and get inspired for your next micro macrame project.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this guide is essential for anyone looking to take their micro macrame skills to the next level.

If you are just learning, start with thicker threads:

Nylon thread 2 mm 

Nylon thread 1 mm

Threads that require some experience. We will start with the most easily accessible ones:

Nylon thread 0.8 mm

Nylon thread 0.5 mm

Now the threads of the best quality, more expensive, harder to find and in a limited number of colors:

Nylon thread 0.6 mm 

Nylon thread 0.4 mm

Of course, the list of threads is unlimited. These I have tested and use.

As an added bonus, a video showing how different thread thickness is related to the size of the project.